Skeeterlog Chiminea Kit

Skeeterlog Chiminea Kit

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Enjoy summer with our Skeeterlog Chiminea Kit!

  • Effective, safe and easy to use
  • Works even in wet conditions
  • Best of all, this is  an all natural product.

Each Traditional Skeeterlog Chiminea Kit Contains:

  • One 15” Handmade Clay Chiminea
  • Two All Natural Insect Repellent Skeeterlogs
  • Three Fire Starter Samples

Skeeterlog® are 8” x 2” and made of premium hardwood fiber left over from the forest product industry of Appalachia. The Skeeterlog® formula infuses each log with 8 different natural oils. This proprietary formula has undergone rigorous efficacy testing at the University of Kentucky Entomology Lab. Humans can hardly detect the presence of the formula but mosquitos hate it.

Skeeterlog® is a non toxic, highly effective pest repellent. Each log smolders for over 6 hrs. No tree is ever cut to make Skeeterlog®