Skeeterlog Bybee Pottery Chiminea Kit

Skeeterlog Bybee Pottery Chiminea Kit

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What's Included:

  • 1 Chiminea pot
  • 2 Skeeterlogs
  • Fire starters

We Dig Kentucky 

The first Skeeterlog® Chiminea pot made in Kentucky, was designed by James Adams, a sculpture and mold designer who grew up in Gillespie Holler, near Sand Gap, in Jackson County, Kentucky. The prototype of the Kentucky pot, was poured by James Cornelison at the historic Bybee Pottery workshop in Waco, KY.

Bybee Pottery is the oldest existing pottery shop, west of the Alleghenies.  It is located in the small rural town of Bybee, among the southern hills of Madison County, Kentucky. The old log building has housed the equipment and pottery business for over a century. It stands as a landmark of pioneer days and great Kentuckians who take pride in their work. Legend states that this pottery shop was originally established in 1809. Actual sales records prove that it existed as a thriving industry as early as 1845.

The clay used by Bybee pottery is found in ample deposits approximately three miles from Bybee. This clay is open-pit mined several feet beneath the dark Kentucky topsoil. History records that this same clay was mined by the first settlers of Kentucky, then it was taken to Fort Boonesborough and used to making functional dishes.

The clay, mixed with water, is ground in the old pug mill and stored in an ancient vault where it is kept moist and pliable. It is weighed on old balances for uniformity, and then thrown by the potter and shaped into the desired pot. Each piece is allowed to dry completely, then it is glazed and fired in a kiln heated to 2200 degrees.  Emerging from the kiln, the clay becomes a finished piece that invites family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy fellowship in the outdoor environment, without the constant invasion of hungry mosquitos.

At Tree Of The Field, our Skeeterlog® is made in the heart of coal country. The Skeeterlog® Chiminea pot reflects the pride of talented, hardworking Kentuckians, locally dug clay, handmade craftsmanship, and a natural, healthy response to mosquitos. At Tree Of The Field, we dig Kentucky.